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Professional Pockets

You know me, always have an alternative way of doing things based on what I find fiddly and consider life too short for! I enjoyed sharing my views and techniques at The Stitch Festival at the Islington Design Centre at the beginning of March and one of my workshops was Professional Pockets.

There were questions asked in the class, which we didn't have time to address, so I promised the participants a video. Well, a week later, many swearwords and an ever deeper dislike of filming at home and the tech issues I still can't solve - here's the video.

It has been made to support the class so doesn't include every single detail (it's probably far too long as it is anyway), but it may well be of interest to those home stitchers who would like to put a fancy pocket in something and think it might be too difficult.

Nah - it really isn't and this video might just get you on your way, and in my own (becoming signature) style, it includes one move NOT to make!!!!

Don't forget to practice your techniques on sample fabric first. However good you are, your second attempt will be better!

Here's the link

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