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Still Stitching

New Year, new projects. I don't know about you, but I've found it really hard to get my head around this year. I can't believe it's already nearly February, so if I'm going to have anyone to teach, I need to shout a little about what I'm up to - so here goes!

I'm still very much putting on classes at CraftmyDay my local small business craft workshop in the Worcester Park area of London (between Kingston, Wimbledon and Sutton sort of) that does sewing classes and so much more. I continue to create new Quilters with How To Quilt which runs several times a year and is a four week course where we make a basic quilt using the time to see how it's all done really properly!

Introduction to quilting table mat runs with seasonal variations and is a quick run down of what's involved and a 12x12 inch project for you to take home. This month it's hearts, of course!

Each term we try and put on a couple of new courses and maybe retain a favourite so there's a bag which explores the Flying Geese quilt block, a quilted tote and a memory bear this term.

We're still crafting and nattering on Wednesday mornings and have now managed over 200 morsbags. You can find out more about that

New is the ability to book private quilting classes with me (if you dare!) We can cover whatever you like, learn a particular technique or get help with an ongoing project. There's also a patchwork and quilting club monthly with a timetable within the listing as to what will be featured each time.

If you're interested in private lessons, drop me a message and I'll send you the secret link as well as some more details.

You can check out craft my day offerings here where you can see what else is going on in addition to my classes

After a couple of successful classes at the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace in Octover I've been invited to do some more at The Stitch Festival in Islington in March. It's just over a month away and tickets are selling, so if you want to book I can offer you a discount on entry using the code WT22 at the checkout. My particular offerings include

- jetted pockets (and variations),

- a look at bust darts and how to make a large one resulting from an FBA more flattering, (two dates available 3rd and 4th)

- a cushion cover with an applique initial - 9reat if you're still getting to grips with a sewing machine, and going round corners.

- hand sewn feature button holes

and as ever with me I'll share my particular findings on the issues, not just what you can read in a text book!

You can find more about what's on and book your tickets here

I've also been lucky enough to be engaged as both a Patchwork & Quilting AND a Dressmaking tutor at my local adult eduction service. I'm even running an Upcycling Clothing class too next term.

Listings and booking for this (Kingston Upon Thames) can be found here

Mine come under craft and design but there are many other categories. Obvioulsy I'd love for you to join me, but if you're out learning anything at all, then that's good thing in my book.

So belated Happy New Year. Good Health to you all - and keep learning!

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