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The resources section remains as it could be useful not just for scrubs, or for others making scrubs elsewhere

You may landed here becuase you are interterested in  Making Scrubs for Kingston Hospital.   

The project has now closed as the hospital's scrub crisis is over. 

This page remains to celebrate the achievement of this project 


The initiative came from the group For the Love of Scrubs and our Kingston post can be found here 

333 scrubs.jpg

333 pairs

made and donated


Also thanks to...

Adelaide Gomersall, Ali Leask, Carol Morris, Carolyn Raybould, Claire Parker, Freya Petty, Claire Trapnell,, Elly Allen, George, Giulia Chini, Hollie Croft, Jo O'Hara, Joyce Bowers, Jude Wallace, Judy Joslin, Julia Symonette, Katy Loffman, Kirsty Owen, Laura Rushton, Louise Gray, Meg Pope, Megan Kennedy, Melanie Bolam, Rosemary Bridger, Sowmiya Murukathash

...for volunteering. and being very patient, even though their services were not taken up in the end...

Donations, from friends and family, their friends and family, and from friends and family of some of the volunteers, 
raised  £760 which has so far helped to purchase:

- 700m of Twill tape

- thousands of meters of thread for overlockers and sewing machines

- 1000m of each brown, yellow, pink and white lettering thread

- a pair of overlocker blades. 

- sewing machine needles

Leftover supplies have been dontated to Sewing4Kingston.  Leftover monies will be donated to the hospital 



If you took part in the project and would like to leave a memory - please do so here

Last, but not least, thank you to my family for doing without me yet keeping me fed.

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